Best Minecraft Seeds: Top Minecraft Seed with Mesa Jungle Ice Spikes SO MANY MONUMENTS & more (2020)


This is one of the BEST Minecraft Seeds. This Top Minecraft Seed has EVERYTHING right by spawn… Jungle, Mesa, Ice Spikes ALL THERE!

In this Episode of the Best Minecraft Seeds, with Avomance, we are back on Java Edition and looking at the Top Minecraft Seeds that I have been sent – this one is FANTASTIC

RIGHT ON SPAWN we have a Jungle, a Mesa, a BIG Forest, an Ice Spikes Biome, a Snowy Tundra, an Ocean and a Pillager outpost with a Village.

its an AMAZING Spawn in!

You don’t even realise it when you first go in there… because you spawn in a forest and you can’t see the awesome for the trees!

THEN – it all becomes clear

Fortress right by spawn!


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Seed is:

What a find!!

This one is for Java – Sorry Minecraft Bedrock Players – other Bedrock seeds are on my Channel 🙂

Place that Minecraft Seed number (Java Edition Minecraft 1.12+) into your seed box on the world generation screen like I do in the video and you will get the same world I showed you!

Its a Minecraft Seed Tour and a Minecraft Seed review all at the same time!

A Minecraft tutorial on how to load a seed in Minecraft.

A really interesting mix of things on this seed! it quite possible has EVERYTHING you could possibly need!!


Its a great Minecraft Seed Review with maybe the Best Minecraft Seeds for Java

Edited expertly for me by Weeto:


This Top Minecraft Seeds Episode is part of my Best Minecraft Seeds playlist which you can find here – with both Bedrock AND Java seeds:

its a great seed review seed tour series


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This is a great Seed review – a top seed tour


I love doing these top Minecraft Seeds tour videos. I am looking out for my next world and one of these tours could very well sell one to me!

If YOU have an awesome seed – send it to with a little explanation as to why its so great! Maybe the next one will be you?

Minecraft Bedrock OR Java – I can do them all now!!

This best Minecraft seed has a GREAT building opportunity for all you Minecraft Build Lovers out there… and at the same time, everything is close by for a really great Minecraft Survival experience


A great Survival Minecraft 1.15 seed


I am going to try an answer the following Minecraft Seed Review type questions in this Seed tour video

What is the best Minecraft seed for Java
What is a great Minecraft seed
what is the top Minecraft seed
is there a list of the best Minecraft seeds
what are the top Minecraft seeds
can I get a top Minecraft seed tour
how many Minecraft seeds are good for a Minecraft Iron Farm
What Minecraft Seed is best for a Minecraft XP Farm
Whats the Best Minecraft Seeds for a Raid Farm
Which Top Minecraft Seed has Mesa and Jungle at Spawn
How to find an Ice Spikes Biome

and many more

(C) Avomance 2020


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  1. You keep talking about how good open water is for a slime farm, do you have any videos on how to make a farm like that?

  2. Very nice seed! Hope you get a chance to check out the one I sent you! Has like two desert temples right beside spawn and a BIG ice biome close by in the northern direction as well as other stuff

  3. There should be an upgrade to the Mineatlas program that finds bees now too so we won't have troubles when we want honey lol…

  4. That's really a nice one. Love your seed tour vids and watched a lot of them, because we are about to restart our server. Did you consider to start making this tours in the snapshots, so that we could see in which of the new nether biomes you will end up at spawn after the update? I read that fortresses will only spawn in certain biomes, so the distance to the nearest fortress could be diffferent.

  5. I know a seed where you spawn with a mooshroom biome, dark oak forest, mesa with double zombie spawnner at spawn, jungle biome close by. Also there is a desert and village about 100 blocks away!

  6. Hello! It's me from "Automagic Tutorials!" I know your prob busy but your ganna LOVE the spawn on this Java seed! AND YOU FORGOT THE "Depending what time your watching this" again! Tut aha! Anyway= 2452977676648240914 😀

  7. plz explain why does he say amazing mining in mountains? the good stuff only generates below y=16
    if we are talking about emeralds, trading with villagers give much more…


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