Bald eagle lands on fan's head at the Cotton Bowl


A bald eagle landed on a Notre Dame fan at the first College Football Playoff semi-final game.

But the eagle apparently decided to go rogue, and instead of doing whatever was planned, it joined people in the stands at AT&T Stadium.

Specifically, it landed on at least two Notre Dame fans, according to Yahoo Sports’ Kimberley A. Martin, who shared multiple videos of the encounter. Some suggested that perhaps this was a sign that the Fighting Irish were the real favorites to win the seminal game and take on the winner of the Alabama-Oklahoma matchup in the national championship game.

After the eagle’s adventure around the stadium before the Tigers and Fighting Irish kicked off, it was reportedly back in good hands after probably being a little traumatized.

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  1. I would be blessed the day an american eagle lands on me..Heck I aint even american but i would just visit USA to see and touch the great Bald Eagle cause its only found in North America.

    And If during my trip a bald eagle lands on me ..Heck I would be an American Citizen for life even though I wont live in America but I would be blessed to have the greatest and mightest bird the king of skies and National symbol of America chose me as its landing pad.

    Lucky guy.

  2. Incredible. The man had a lot of self control to not shake it off. I imagine those talons were digging in a bit but he knew this was a rare moment so he allowed it.

  3. He's lucky to have not been hurt,..because those talons are razor sharp and the eagle is super strong,..but that was amazing !!!


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