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I’m back! I’ve touched on Game of Thrones before, but this time I felt like after the finale I had to give it at least one more shot. This song is a medley of various themes and motifs from the show (can you hear them all?) telling an epic tale of two queens. This should go without saying, but MAJOR SPOILERS ahead in both the lyrics and video!


High in the crimson towers
Hate between a mother’s eyes
Certain of a costly price
To pay when fire survives
When all she loved has left the keep
The rains above us gently weep
And wash away the blood as it goes cold

And so she spoke
And so she spoke
The lion of Castamere
When none remain
To mourn her reign
So proud yet founded upon fear

Gates swung open wide to wretches
Lowborn pay the price in blood
Placed upon the precipice
Of near rising flood
Terror in the hearts of children
Worried that the war’s come home
As the sound of wildfire burning
Nears the lion’s throne

Let it be fear she told them
Let it be fear they know
Let them become ashes now upon the fallen snow

Blind with the power and fury
Numb behind the dregs of wrath
Set to pay the costly price
And tread a father’s path
When thousands battled in her name
She stormed the gates and showered flame
To break the wheel but then would forge her own

Let it be fear she told them
Let it be fear they know
Let them become ashes now upon the fallen snow
Burn them all down to embers
Servants and lords the same
Show them all fire and blood to win the mad queen’s game

And with the swords lain down
They screamed ’til the bells cried out
In search of some mercy their hope became fear
Their hope became fear
And it fed her rage
Her lust for the lion’s cage
She’ll stand down for nothing
Until they all cheer, with no one left here

Let it be, let it be fear
Let it be, let it be fear

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  1. I searched up 7 oclock in the morning, and the noise of a bell wakes me, feel a chill down my spine, but i realise this room is dark and freezing. Its much different and i must fear i dont remember how i got here and a man opens up the door and says "i think its time my dear". And im sittin' here panikin' thinking what happened to the barn. Whos this man holding me, i hope he means no harm and all he does is place me in another dark cold room. Days later i feel warmer but i wonder whats going on, And out of nowhere im getting water splashed all over me, And im like what the heck man i cant breathe, Then he puts his hands right under me yanking me right out the water. I told myself he was crazy then he said now make the oven hotter, But i got a turkey wife at home then he said "babe did you hear something?" Then she said "no" and he said "whatever you lyin". "Man that turkeys giant thought i told you i was on i diet". He said "but you aint even fat so please dont tell me that" "Well i guess i can just have i diet coke guess its something we have no more" Quick think quick think quick quick go and get some more. And then the lady leaves this mysterious place. And the man looks at me and i get really afraid. HE WALKED TO THE TABLE, HE TURNS ME AROUND, HE SHOVES HIS HAND INSIDE AND I CANNOT MAKE A SOUND. HE PICKS UP THE STUFFING, THEN HE STARTS STUFFING ME, I DONT KNOW WHAT WHAT TO DO BUT RIGHT NOW I CANT FEEL MY FEET. HE TURNS IT UP TO 400, HE RUBS ME WITH OIL HE VISIOUSLY GRABS ME, AND GRABS THE TIN FOIL. HE WALKS TO THE OVEN, HE OPENS THE OVEN, NOW HES PUTTING ME IN THE OVEN, NOW HES CLOSING THE OVEN (oven oven oven oven). And this is what i get

  2. The last season may not have been what everyone was hoping for. But the story itself is so brilliantly written.

  3. Beautiful voice…creative song…but season 8 is still trash sorry there's no defending we should of seen it coming with only the last episodes of season 8

  4. As much as I hated what this song was based on (the show, not its soundtrack), the song itself kicks ass.

  5. This is the best GoT fan song I ever heard ! The only lyric that disturb me is "the lion of Castamere" cause Cersei has never been from Castamere, but from Casterly Roc, but I guess it wouldn't have sound the same. Anyway this song is amazing!

  6. Great end battle. When you build her and her army so tough that was a way to go. Also much of audience didnt like it because they wanted hero thriump but it was a very good story. Would not have hated few extra episodes thought

  7. "You don't want to wake the dragon, do you?" Said her arrogant brother. She didn't want to wake the dragon, the dragon inside of herself. It cost her her life. Cersei woke that dragon and anyone who doubted Dany's good intentions.

    Her parents, big brother, aunts, nephews, … all got slaughtered. She was prey her entire life, haunted out of her home land. Her only living brother would have let her get raped if that would have given him the Crown. He died after beating, humiliating and abusing her. Her husband she loved died, because she had mercy and trusted someone she saved. Her people abandoned her once he fell sick. Her horse died. She was starving in the desert and came to a city were they belittled her then her loyal friends got killed because of betrayal. Her dragons stolen and when she tried getting them back she got reminded of her baby that had been born death and her husband that had died because of betrayal. (She lost the ability to ever get children, because of that same witch.)
    She conquered cities where the rich people saw her as a foreigner. She found out her best friend betrayed her and her advisor/last family friend got killed by people she showed mercy too.

    She then finaly came home, but again people saw her as a foreigner. Although anywhere else she went they saw her like one too. She had no real home anymore. A dragon gets shot out of the sky when she tries to save Jon Snow and his friends. Her only allies get killed by the lannisters and euron greyjoy. She takes down a lannister army that sees her as a foreigner with no right to the throne, who only kneel out of fear. She is at a position where she can take down Cersei and become queen, but instead she shows mercy and makes a deal with Cersei. When she enters winterfell, she doesn't see grateful people they only see fear and people seeing her as a foreigner. She finds out she has no right to the throne, the thing only thing she still lived for. She fights the army of the death which causes the death of half her army and her dearest friend who dies in her arms.

    After this war they claim only fools climb on a dragon. They cheer for Jon, they call him king. Jon refiuses to love Dany, because of what he just found out. He exposes the secret to Sansa and Arya, who then expose it to Tyrion and he exposes it to Varys. When going "home" her child gets shot out of the sky and her best friend gets captured. She goes to a meeting with Cersei again and her best friend gets beheaded in front of her eyes. (Now the dragon wakes up)

    Cersei woke the dragon. Varys who she warned not to betray her or she would burn him alive, betrays her right after. Jaimie who she showed mercy on betrays her by going to Cersei. Tyrion betrays her by letting his brother go. Then she fights the lannister army in kingslanding and all she sees is fear from the people in the city. She remembers all her pain, she sees the fear, she understands her faith if she shows mercy again as she did before many times. She hears her best friend scream dracarys and she goes wild.

    She burns a city who would have only feared her although she freed them. She kills Cersei and shows everyone in the world who was ready to betray her (such as sansa) what happens when you wake up the dragon. Her hand who has betrayed her resigns from the job she had given him while they were both in tears. Then her last family member and lover, the only person she trusts to walk in without soldiers guarding her stabs her in the heart.


  8. Despite how bad season eight was I felt heartbroken in this episode the most. I remember whispering "No Dany. Please no. They're ringing the bells, it's over. You won. Please no… no no NO!"

  9. Holy shit ._. Never noticed it: House Lannister built their recent power (aka. Tywins power) on their victory over House Castamere. Tywin buried the last resistence alive in a mine. The same fate would eventually await two of his children…

  10. I'm still angry about what they did to Daenerys, but I got to admit that this song is pretty sick. Good job! 👍

  11. Лена Хиди нереальная актриса, так сыграла, что вызывает миллион эмоций…

  12. You could use the lion of the rock instead of the lion of Castamere. Because Cersei is from Casterly Rock and she always said that she is a lioness of the Rock.

  13. It makes sense that the Red keep could survive any attack unless… it was from a Targaryen so it was fitting that only another Targaryen could end Daenerys's reign of terror (despite being badly executed by the writers of the show and her corruption and madness should have been enough for another season.
    This song better demonstrates the two sides of the same queen the show tried to make between Cersei and Daenerys

  14. This is so incredibly good that send chills down my spine everytime I listen to this song; and as well as others you have created.
    Sir, your music is amazing!

  15. Goddamn. Getting back to this song, just wow. Even though I hate the ending, and the “mad queen Dany in one day” fills me with rage, this song is more than stunning, amazing, and all the other words I have to express the greatness of this song. Well done.

  16. I can see what he tried doing but I think it fell apart. I think this was bad all the mistakes I don't think the one who wrote the song new enough lore to be honest

  17. My gods, this song is gorgeous!

    I especially like the way the theme from the official soundtrack for the series is sung at 3:20 – how the Queen Mother theme from "Light of the Seven" is conveyed by voice. Organ melody perfectly complements the voice.

    Great job!


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