Arthur & Dutch │ Losing Game


Another RDR2 video, that no one asked for, wow xD

I can’t help making Vandermorgan edits, because they are my boys and I love them. RDR2 is huge so don’t think that this is my last video of this game. Btw, even though I’ve made several Arthur/Dutch videos, there are still some scenes with them that I haven’t used, so… lmao
But tbh, I have just one more idea for a vandermorgan edit, and I’m not sure that I’ll actually make that video but we’ll see 😉

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Programs: Vegas Pro 14 & After Effects CC
Fandom: Red Dead Redemption 2
Pairing: Arthur Morgan / Dutch Van Der Linde
Coloring: NiceSinner

#fanvidfeed #reddeadredemption2 #arthurmorgan #dutchvanderlinde #vandermorgan


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  1. Oh Dutch…You would have only listened to your son Arthur at the beginning, not Micah…..😪😞 But strangely, I can not really be angry with him because Micah was the real bad guy, he was the one who completely destroyed Dutch … in my view, Dutch is not a bad guy, even though he did Arthur in the end, you still noticed the Dutch Arthur loved as a son …

  2. Arthur had a crappy life. It all started going down when his wife and child got killed, which hardened him

  3. Я даже не смотрела прохождение ред дед редемпшн, но чё так грустно и красиво то……..


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