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Goof Troop for the SNES is such an underrated game. This Super Nintendo game, Goof Troop, has a lot of similarities to the Legend of Zelda A Link To The Past. Decided to do a review of Goof Troop on the SNES.

Wolfkaosaun looks back on one of his favorite Super Nintendo games, Goof Troop. Pirates, Resident Evil, Scarface; what more could you want?!

Shinji Mikami is the mastermind behind this Disney/Capcom game. Yep. The same guy who made Resident Evil. A review full of nostalgia, pirates, Goofy, some weird skits, all that fun stuff. I guess it’s fun?

This was one of the better Disney video games released back in the 90s. Also, debating on doing a review of A Goofy Movie one day just based on the nostalgia alone.
Oh, and Super Nintendo Roms. It was a suggested tag and times are hard in the YouTube SEO so throwing that in my description as well.

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  1. Definitely a ton of effort went into making this and it shows. One thing that threw me off was the voice over volume during gameplay. It was much quieter than other parts of the video. Good stuff!

  2. First of all, excellent video man! Your review was both funny and informative, and I love that. Not to mention that I absolutely love Goof Troop, both the show and this game. It's totally underrated by anyone who hasn't played it. Thanks for doing it justice!

  3. I gave you some feedback on discord bud but im going to throw you a sub to see any new stuff! 😀 If you ever need anything just let me know!

  4. This was hilarious man, great skit humour mixed in with the perfect amount of informativ(ity?), subbed and can't wait for more!

  5. Good work man like really. You kept me engaged throughout and it was very interesting. This video definitely deserves more views and likes. Subbed 👍

  6. ok first off, I personally love the intro dude! and i honestly cant think of anything about your sound or presentation that i disliked. The beginning banter at the start of the video, i actually genuinely laughed xD liked and subscribed man, please keep doing what you are doing!

  7. Ever considered collabs? You do some good work, wouldn't mind talking to another unique gamer like yourself.

  8. This is crazy man! This video has the kind of quality editing and skits that I would expects on a channel with hundreds of thousands of subs. Editing is awesome, skits are great, I really can't fault it man. All I can say is that YouTube is so broken if you don't gain a lot of subs fast! You've got a new sub right here 🙂


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