3 Unique Samsung Calendar Tricks


Welcome to the home of the best How-to guides for your Samsung Galaxy needs. In today’s video, we will have some fun with the Samsung Calendar.

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  1. Getting frustrated. I came on here hoping to see HOW because I just got this notification on my s10e from "samsung tips"…telling me exactly this…but they didn't show HOW to avidly bring up the tools… initially. I see in their demo as well as your video that pencil icon up top there but I don't have that. Was there something to do ro initialize this

  2. I actually want to sell my 11 pro to go to a Note again as I miss the calendar widget! I used it more and was more productive because of it to be honest!

    I have adhd so staying organised and focused is hard. Having to go into the iPhone calendar was long and I kinda ignored it!

  3. My calender has events that were somehow added not by me. When I select on the day the event wont show up anymore it only shows up on month view and I cant delete the event. If you can help me with this please respond

  4. Thanks i tryed this with my note 9 the only thing i dont have is the sticker but good to see i can wright on my calender

  5. Great videos Jimmy. Thank you so much for showing us all in our beautiful Samsung community how to do these things. I'm waiting for the S20 ultra. I have a Galaxy S9PLUS. Samsung forever baby.

  6. Hey promo, major problem I had nice shot still as the desktop icon (which still worked in UI2.0) But the icon was accidentally deleted by the kid yesterday and now we cant record the screen anymore and goodlock is garbage for us stuck on UI2.0. It's like we have an apple phone- do you have any suggestions that can help us out?!?! Im furious that goodlock has all but disappeared now 🙁

  7. You may want to make a note in the description box this video is only for Samsung Galaxy Note phones or perhaps the very latest Galaxy Samsung phones, I don't know. It does not apply to Galaxy S9+, that's for sure.

  8. Hi!
    Whats going on with all this Things wehen I Rest my Phone? Are they all synct with Google or Samsung and come back by next Sync?
    (excuse me, i am german)


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