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This is the rental car number 131 and today I’m driving the 2019 Renault Samsung QM6 (also called the Koleos).

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Year: 2019
Make: Renault Samsung Motors
Model: QM6 (also known as the Koleos)
Fuel Type: Diesel
Type: 5-door, 5 seat SUV
Wheels: 19 inch aluminum wheels

MSRP: Around $35,000 (not available in the US)

+ Renault is a French automaker that has partnered with Samsung to form Renault Samsung Motors, although Renault owns about 80% of the business.

+Samsung actually used to make cars on its own, but sold its business to Renault back in 2000.


+ Engine: 2.0 Liter Inline 4-Cylinder Engine
+ Transmission: Automatic CVT
+ Horsepower: 177 hp at 3,750 rpms

I got my information off of Renault’s European website which lists fuel consumption in the “New European Driving Cycle” Standard or NEDC for short.

Urban mpg NEDC is 41.5 (city driving)
Extra-urban mpg NEDC is 48.7 (highway)
Combined mpg NEDC is 45.6 (overall figure)

Keep in mind the NEDC standard is based labratory tests performed in the UK. In real world conditions, the QM6 gets about 29 mpg in the city and 33 on the highway. Again, in eco mode.

(I was a little shocked by these figures, until I learned that diesel typically deliver 25 to 30 percent better fuel economy than similarly performing gas engines. I honestly had no idea)

Fuel Tank Capacity: 13 gallon fuel tank (or 60 liters)

Really good. I drove the QM6 down a mountain road, in the rain, AND with my mother-in-law sitting next to me, and felt super comfortable and in control. Handling is solid.

Not great. 0 to 62 (0 to 100 kph) is 10.2 seconds. With a maximum speed of 127 mph. The QM6 is a bit slow, especially in economy mode. I actually found myself a bit annoyed with the lack of acceleration.

Wonderful. I drove the QM6 on a small island, so I never really got 50 miles per hour, but I still found the vehicle to be extremely quiet. I was a bit impressed.


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  1. You really didn’t know that Diesels are far more economical than petrol. Or didn’t know the exact percentage difference

  2. The acceleration doesn't have to be fast. South Korea isn't the US, speed is of the least concern. 10.2 seconds is decent in Asia and Europe.

  3. According to Renault-Samsung, It's officially based on Renault Koleos (Renault C-platform) and developed by Renault-Samsung Motors R&D centre in Korea. Renault shares Renault C-platform with QM6, Koleos, X-Trail, Qashqai and Rogue.

  4. Pernah buat pabrik di Indonesia produk nya hanya truk. Sayangnya truk samsung hengkang karena kasus lumpur lapindo di sidoarjo.

  5. Slow acceleration is fairly typical in a diesel. Another thing I notice is that the diesel you're driving does not have the diesel after-treatment systems that would be required in the US. That would hinder fuel economy and increase cost of ownership. Great vids as always and glad to see you pick up a couple more patrons.

  6. Interesting and positive review. Senseless to do a 0-100 acceleration test in ECO mode. It's named ECO for a reason. Switch between ECO and Normal on a highway and you will immedialtely notice all bite is gone. Without ECO mode the 0-100 time is similar to a Tesla in Ludicrous mode 😉

  7. Designed by Laurens van der Acker, Renault's design chief. Based on Nissan's Roque. Outside SK it's indeed called Koleos. Global production in SK. SK buys twice the amount of Europe. Reason: not the right engine (just 1!) for the EU market. Renault EU will adjust with the Koleos Phase II this year.

  8. Great review! Did you notice some Nissan parts in the car? Nissan and Renault are sister companies. Enjoy your vacation! Thanks.

  9. Nice to see you some where away from a mid west freeway. Diesel is popular in countries which do not have the low fuel prices of the U.S, my wife has got a Renault Captur with a 1.5dci engine and manual gearbox, she is getting 46 U.S mpg ( fuel is USD 4.66/gallon here)


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