13 Best Super Nintendo Games Under $10 – SNESdrunk


Thanks to mas at the Racketboy forums for the idea. In alphabetical order:

[1:43] Addams Family Values
[1:14] Boxing Legends of the Ring
[6:28] F-Zero
[6:03] Goof Troop
[2:12] HyperZone
[2:42] Ken Griffey Jr. Presents Major League Baseball
[0:47] Michael Jordan in Chaos in the Windy City
[4:23] Pilotwings
[4:01] SimCity
[4:58] Street Fighter II
[3:07] Super Star Wars: the Empire Strikes Back
[3:37] Tiny Toon Adventures: Buster Busts Loose
[5:33] Top Gear

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  1. We rented Goof Troop back in the 90s because we didn't have anything to play and was super pleasantly surprised. My friends and I finished it in one sitting.

  2. Well the reason why they're expensive is because when people talk about them everyone wants to get to the game and the people who have the game sell it for high prices

  3. Yay! Just picked up Good Troop today at my local used game shop thanks to your review. GREAT game and cheap too!!! Thanks, Drunk!

  4. SnesDrunk complains a lot about prices of the cartridges today (~$20) as being expensive. BS. If you look online, you'll see that games like ShaqFu and Street Fighter II were sold for $70 (yes, seven-zero dollars!!!). Adjusted for inflation, each game would cost $125-$130. $20 (in today's money) is cheap as hell, especially if you already like the game. Just because the game is old doesn't mean it loses fun and value…

  5. I wish i could find any of these for $10. Even if I take 10 USD that's 16 AUD.. nope… i just checked star wars for example, 60 aud.

  6. Yo SNES drunk, great stuff! I'm starting up a monthly video game forum with the public library and the first month's topic is the SNES, so we'll be referencing your stuff frequently. So thank you!

  7. So many of your vids are masterpieces Snes. Do you have any other social media platforms? Like Instagram etc?

  8. F-zero, sim city, pilotwings. From the beginning of the SNES are timeless classics.
    When I think about it now has a console in history ever launched with a more impressive lineup in a launch window?

  9. I would like to add the desert, jungle and urban strike are a trilogy really well done and addictive until you have ended all levels i really recommend it.
    One of the most addictive trilogies on the snes and mega drive systems alike. very well done and addictive any of them. you get really hooked to finish the missions. really really really cheap some of best value for money in those 16 bit systems.


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